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Sky Sports Super 6

Sky Sports Super 6 is back! Now the football season is in full swing and the cold sweats of life without football start to die down, its time to remind you all about this great free game.

Sky Sports Super 6 Pundits

Sky Sports Super 6 is free to play

Introduced by Sky Sports Super 6 gives players the chance to win £250,000 every Saturday throughout the football season. It’s simple and could help break the heartache that comes from your team losing. All the player has to do is correctly predict the scores of the six chosen games. Simple


Every week there is a guaranteed prize of £5000 if the jackpot isn’t won and this is done on a points system. Every correct score will get you 5 points and every correct result will get you 2 points. For example if you guessed that Spurs were going to win 3-1 and they only managed to get a 2-1 win that would get you 2 points. There is only one prize to give away so in the situation of two players receiving the same points it goes down to the golden goal system, this is where the player with the closest to the first goal time wins.

Signing up for this great game is as simple as the game itself. All you need to do is register by filling in the Sky Sports online form. If you are already a Sky bet user then you can log in through your account, it’s as easy as that.


So if you are always the one in the pub saying “I knew they were gonna win 3-1” prove it and get yourself a cool £250,000. Then my friends the round is on you.