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Responsible Gambling with Hello Punter

Obviously, having a punt on your favourite sports can be immensely enjoyable, but it can quickly get out of hand – and this can happen a number of ways. For some of us who might have addictive personalities or are operating under a lot of stress, this can be a dangerous and damaging slope, and it’s important we’re aware of it. That’s why Hello Punter supports responsible gambling. 

Have fun and have a punt, but follow the below guide to make sure it stops when it stops being fun.


How to Gamble Responsibly

There are a few simple rules that can make the difference between fun and harm in betting:

  • Only bet with money you can afford to lose
  • Make a budget and always stick to it
  • Don’t bet when you’re drunk, on drugs or under stress
  • If it stops being fun, stop
  • If you’re having trouble stopping, contact one of the groups outlined below


Who can I contact if I can’t stop betting?

There are a number of groups available in the United Kingdom who are able to help you if gambling is becoming an issue to you or someone you care about:

  • GamCare covers all bases when it comes to Gambling help. They have phone and web support, and chat room options, but if you’re not quite ready to talk to anyone yet they have a handy ‘Self Assessment Tools’ on their website. They say they’re there for advice, support and free counselling.
  • GambleAware is an organisation focused on prevention as well as help. They aim to provide ongoing information around the potential harm of gambling, and where to go for support. They say they’re providing clear advice and guidance about gambling.
  • Gamblers Anonymous is an international body working through both online resources and in-person meetings to help people struggling with gambling addiction. They operate in the UK, and say they’re a fellowship of members who share experiences to help each other through common gambling issues.